Welcome to Billion Year Bunker., We're making awesome shit., For real.

Billion Year Bunker is an independent video game development house based in Indianapolis, IN that just opened it's methophorical doors in mid 2014. Interested in getting updates on releases and what have you? Send your digital digits below.

I ain't afraid of no spam:

Open source & super cute

All projects will be created using the brilliant 2D game engine Construct 2 and will be both documented in my running blog. In addition all games will be open and the source files will be shared. Visit the links below for more info:

Get at me.

Billion Year Bunker is a side project of Indianapolis based designer Ry Lickliter. Use the form below if you have any questions or reach out on either Google+ or Twitter. That's right, Google+. Why? Because it's not filled with baby pictures or the salad you had for lunch with some horrible filter.